How can Clearwordz help you?

  • Research – find out what your customers want to know and the best way to present the information. I can analyse competitors’ offerings, commission reviews, set up online surveys, conduct telephone interviews, look for market opportunities and estimate potential market size.
  • Commissioning – write publishing proposals, source and brief authors.
  • Project management – provide realistic schedules and help authors to meet them; work with authors to ensure quality material that meets the brief, commission editors to help provide quality content to agreed schedule and budget.
  • Content development – work with authors to ensure material is suitable for the target audience, lively, engaging and organised logically; remove ambiguity and inconsistencies; check for plagiarism; manage extent, level of illustration, and text permissions.
  • Editing – edit any text for both online and print mediums from technical reports for government agencies to science books for children with a prescribed reading level. This includes substantive editing and rewriting, cutting through wordy text and preserving meaning. Clearwordz has experience of developing and working with Word© templates, online and offline templates for digital resources.
  • Proof-reading – check layout, typographical errors, consistent and correct use of terms and units.
  • Writing – provide lively and engaging material for adult reference and young people.

All projects and consultations are confidential. Each editing project includes full English grammar, consistency, comprehension, punctuation, and spelling checks. I will always communicate fully and regularly with you.

Call me on 01600 891413 or email me to see how I can help.