Fettered by fear

By | General

There is a song for every human experience. The Chorus of girls ‘Climbing over rocky mountains’ from Gilbert & Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance runs through my head as I think of four girls on the brink of womanhood about to…

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By | General, Writing

Soft focus on the green leaves, greyed from frost, but not enough cold for them to let go of the shoot they hang onto. Gaze sharpened as a red splodge, shiny with lifted wings comes into view. A ladybird. The…

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Getting started

By | Business, Writing

It’s hard getting started!! We are already heading towards the end of February and I have a 2021 plan to focus on my blog on Monday mornings. So far my plan is like a fairy story. Yesterday was Monday, however…

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My big pants

By | Business

Today I have put on my big pants. Not over my jeans; I’m not intending to be superwoman, but for comfort. They are loose, soft, warm and cover all my wobbly bits and more. Above is an image of them,…

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A bookish night out

By | Publishing

Let me introduce you to my newest book. Last night I went to a talk organised by our local independent bookstore Rossiters. William Fotheringham was promoting his latest book ‘The Greatest The times and life of Beryl Burton’ If you…

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