It’s fantastic working with Carol. Being both a Science and editorial specialist you know that your project is in safe hands. We’ve really been impressed with Carol’s collaborative approach; she’s made a huge effort to be part of the team, which has made a big difference. Carol’s willingness to adapt to changing requirements on the project and formulate new processes makes her an incredibly valuable freelancer.
Elizabeth Munns (GCSE Science 2016 Homework Practice and Support ActiveLearn and Student Book, Exploring Science Working Scientifically (KS3) ActiveLearn Years 8 and 9; editorial management for Pearson Education)

Carol manages complex editing and writing tasks professionally, and has a broad knowledge and understanding of science education. She is easy to work with and very reliable.
Angela Hall (21st Century Science GCSE Biology (2011) workbooks; substantive editing and writing for University of York Science Education Group)

We were very pleased with the Foundation book, and I should have emailed you sooner, but it has been very busy.
Mary Whitehouse (21st Century Science GCSE Biology (2011) Foundation tier student book; conversion of higher tier to foundation tier for University of York Science Education Group)

You did a very thorough job, didn’t need support, did everything in the short time allotted – so we are very happy.
Lucy Lawrence (CCSLC Mathematics CD; copy editing for Nelson Thornes)

I met with Gary yesterday and he was full of praise for you and your input into the text…
Gary actually said that you were the best editor he has had, and him and Terry have appreciated your suggestions and solutions to improving the text along the way and in response to review feedback.

Lucy Mills (Professional Chef Level 2 Diploma; author management and development editing for Cengage)

Thank you very much for all of these and for all your hard work on the IGCSE practice books – it’s certainly not been the easiest project to have worked on and you’re help is really appreciated by me and the others here at CUP.
Heather Mahy (IGCSE Mathematics Practice Books; development editing for Cambridge University Press)

Neil Rippington was very complimentary about you and saying what a great job you had done on the book and how supportive you had been and made this very clear in his speech thanking you. Thank you for doing such a great job.
Linden Harris (Professional Chef Level 1 diploma; development editing/ author management for Cengage)

You’ve been an excellent addition to our freelance team and many thanks indeed for all your (very) hard work.
Claudia Bickford-Smith (Biology textbook writing consultancy in Mongolia and IB Mathematics projects; development editing for Cambridge University Press)