Six reasons why Authors write

By 22nd February 2016Editing, Education, Publishing

In educational publishing speculative manuscripts that fit our highly prescriptive needs are rare! Instead we commission authors to write content for resources, which our research indicates are needed in the market. More often than not authors are teachers and the hope is that they will be able to reuse their material that they have already produced for their teaching, so capitalising on work they have already done. However, in reality the work often requires original thought, creative struggle and bags of energy; and the financial rewards are often small.

So why do authors agree to write in the first place?

  1. Recognition: Most people are overjoyed and flattered at being asked to write or contribute to an educational resource. It is recognition that you have some sort of expertise and somebody wants you to share that.
  2. Enthusiasm: Following on from above the author is enthusiastic about what they do and passionate about how they do it and wants to share it –
  3. Interest: Writing is interesting; invariably you find out new things as you do your research, and so is publishing.
  4. Challenge: It is a personal challenge not unlike marathon running and the satisfaction at achieving your goals at the finish is immensely gratifying
  5. Professional development: Being a published author is good for career development and opens doors; you certainly learn a great deal in the journey even if it only helps at the pub quiz it’s a bonus.
  6. Financial reward: Even if the immediate project has you working at below the minimum wage, the next one could be far more lucrative and those royalties… well if you don’t buy a lottery ticket you’ll never be a winner!

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