My big pants

By 3rd April 2020Business

Today I have put on my big pants. Not over my jeans; I’m not intending to be superwoman, but for comfort. They are loose, soft, warm and cover all my wobbly bits and more. Above is an image of them, so you get the idea.

So why did I think that I needed a pair of these in my wardrobe. After all at £25 they are pricey lingerie and not even pretty. Well, a while ago my husband, Andrew, and I had a week’s holiday near Fort William and we decided to walk up Ben Nevis. We nearly reached the top but it was so windy that it didn’t feel safe, so we retreated. It then started to rain and we got extremely wet. I was so wet that I didn’t need to stop for a drink, I could just suck the water out of my balaclava. Andrew, was particularly distressed about his thick cotton boxers being soaked. He vowed this wouldn’t happen again and we spent a happy (and dry) afternoon in the ‘gear’ shops of Fort William, researching the ‘wet boxer’ problem. It turns out that the alternative to cold, soggy, slow drying, cotton boxers is merino ones. These were duly purchased and worn for the rest of the week. I, on the other hand, was happy with the performance of my M&S knickers and bought some new waterproof trousers.

Andrew and I, on our way up Ben Nevis

Ever since, Andrew has worn these trusty pants on all of his mountain adventures and apparently they remain ‘fresh’ for several days. He must be on his third iteration by now. A few years past and I felt that I also needed a pair of ‘magic’ pants too and I bought the ones shown above. If you would like some too you can find them here. I can assure you that mine don’t keep fresh for several days at all, but they are very comforting. I have worn them on mountain days, but really my normal knickers are just as good. The times they really come into their own are after long bike rides, when comfy pants are so nice after wearing lycra cycling shorts all day.

However today, we are in lock-down until the Covid-19 crisis passes. No trips to the mountains or long bike rides, just the need for comfort and security on the inside when everything on the outside is uncertain. When you need to be strong, be there for your family and friends, deliver work as normal and keep smiling, it helps to have things at your finger tips that you can count on to nourish you. For me I have found this in lipstick, perfume, nature, cake, yoga and of course my big comfy pants.

Have a think about what you have got in your armoury to nourish you and keep you at your best during this tough time. Please share them in the comments below as I, for one, am always up for fresh ideas. You never know it might help someone else too. Take care and keep well.