Why should you invest in attending events?

I know it can be difficult to go to events. After all, I once passed up the opportunity to go to the book launch of a book I had edited – don’t ever do that! The reasons are many: there are the travel difficulties, the cost, the time out of your business, the fear of not knowing anybody and feeling out of place.

However, there is lots of evidence to show that events are extremely valuable to attendees. The key reasons for this are:

  1. Building new relationships and meeting new contacts helps personal and business growth.
  2. Learning about new and effective ways to do things.
  3. Professional development training gives helps you to have new ideas on ways to improve your business.
  4. Learning new things and meeting new people gives you renewed enthusiasm and inspiration.
  5. Attending events is fun; its good to connect with people who share interests and passions.

Why don’t you find out about some events you could attend and book yourself in. You’ll leave feeling energised, motivated and have fresh ideas.

I invite you to attend ‘Strategies for successful freelancing in publishing’. If you would like to come but can’t, please let me know why and I’ll try and accommodate next time I run this workshop.